With a background in photography and videography for Japanese destination weddings in Maui, Hawaii, Todd K. Mizomi has been shooting professionally for over 15 years in both the USA and Japan.  Inspired by the work of glamour photographers such as Rolando Gomez, Todd also ventured into the world of beauty and glamour photography.  He now continues to perfect his craft with the help of very talented makeup artists and hairstylists as well as amazing models. 

Coming from a family of educators, Todd feels that it is important to keep on learning and sharing photographic knowledge with others without worrying about trying to keep "secret techniques" to himself.  For that reason, he started keeping a blog about every photoshoot that he works on. If you have questions about how a particular image was accomplished, do not hesitate to ask on the blog or via the contact form.

"I really enjoy working with teams of models/makeup artists/hairstylists that have wacky ideas that they want to try out. It makes the shoot so much more fun when everyone collaborates to create something cool. I have been very fortunate to have collaborated with amazing teams in Hawaii and in Japan.  A big Mahalo to all of you that I have worked with, as I could not have done it without your help (and patience)." -Todd K. Mizomi