Pin-up style photoshoot

This past weekend I had the chance to work with model Alyssa and makeup artist Kahulani again. We also had assistance from Quddus, which made setting up the shoot much easier
(it's great to have an assistant.)

This time we worked in-studio to create a 50's pin-up style look.

For lighting we used 2 AB 800 bare bulb strobes aimed into white V-flats. Another AB 800 was used in a beauty dish mounted on a C-stand in front.

We started out using just the beauty dish as our light, with the 2 other AB 800s turned off.

As the shoot progressed, we turned on the 2 AB 800 strobes in the V-flats to get this look.

The V-flats are very easy to make. These are just 4x8 sheets of white styrofoam from Home Depot. They come in various thicknesses. I chose to go with 1" thick sheets, which run about $18 each. I used gaffers tape to join the sheets together on one side so that they could be propped up in a V-shape.

For our second set, we wanted to try to create a black and white film noir style of setting. We used just 2 lights for this. 1 SB26 with a gridspot aimed at the wall, and another SB26 with a cardboard snoot aimed at the model. The table is covered with a black satin sheet from Ross, and we hung some black cloth on a C-stand behind the model to block light from being reflected from the white cyc wall.

I eventually replaced the model's light with an AB800 and a gridded strip softbox, as the snooted light was a little too harsh on her.

Still working on the images from this shoot. It was the first time I've ever done pin-up style photography and it was a lot of fun!