Shooting with the Photoflex 5 ft Octodome

Finally got a chance to use my new 5 ft Photoflex Octodome on some photoshoots.  This studio shoot was done with 3 models - Lia, Heidi and Uilani.  Makeup and hair was done by Kahulani and we were again assisted by Quddus Ajimine.

I can literally stand directly in front of this softbox when shooting the model. It's gianormous. And this is only their medium sized Octodome. They come in small 3', medium 5' and freaking large 7' (you know, in case you ever need to light Godzilla someday).

I really like the way the light from the AB800 in the Octodome wraps around Lia. Silver Photoflex Litepanel for fill.

We were kinda pressed for time that day, since we had 3 models doing headshots in studio at the same time, so I didn't get to do much variation in the lighting.  I did try a slightly different setup for Heidi below, where I switched to the beauty dish.  I also had Quddus hold up a Lastolite Trigrip Diffuser in front of the beauty dish to further soften the light on Heidi.

 For Uilani, I switched back to the Octodome and also added a silver litepanel for fill, another AB800 with a strip softbox for the back light and a round silver reflector on the floor in front of her.

 What's really nice about the Octodome is that because of the size, it's really good for lighting groups.

For this last shot of the three models together, the Octodome is boomed above center , with 2 AB800s with red and blue gels behind for rim lighting.