More studio lighting work with Uilani

Had the chance to work with model Uilani again in Maui a few weekends ago before I flew up to Japan.

Makeup and hair was done by Kahulani.  We were assisted by Ronald and Quddus.

For lighting, we used basically the same setup as last time, with two AB 800s lighting the white wall and an AB800 in a large softbox for the main light.  To even out the lighting on the background, we used a white shoot thru umbrella modifier on both rear lights.

Uilani had a lot of different outfits and props to use this time, courtesy of Isle Empress.

except for the guns, of course. ;-)

One thing that was a little different this time was that we ended up having a group shoot, since pretty much everyone present had a camera and we had enough Pocket Wizards to go around.  A lot of my frames ended up dark because the poor Alien Bees were getting a workout. ;-)  But the  great thing was that everyone had the chance to get some shots and Uilani had a lot of images to select from.